Orthodox Mission – Hyde Park, Chicago


Sunday Services

We are now meeting for Sunday Matins and Liturgy at the Chapel of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, 1421 E. 53rd St., first door west of Blackstone on the south side of the street.


Interior of Sacred Heart at the altar

At the altar in the chapel of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart (our Sunday meeting location)


Saturday Vespers

Saturday Vespers will remain at Calvert House.


rear entrance to Calvert House

If the front door of Calvert House is locked, come around to the back door (pictured) and knock.

Calvert House is located at 5735 University Avenue, across the street and just north of the main quad of the University of Chicago. If the front door is locked, walk around to the back door (the chapel entrance) and knock. Someone will let you in!