Orthodox Mission – Hyde Park, Chicago

Paschal Message 2015

Dear faithful: let us rejoice in this feast. We come, not because we have righteousness, pure prayer, surpassing wisdom and complete piety. We come because we wish for Christ to give us Himself, the perfection of faith, the True Life, the Word that raises the dead. Christ is the Victor over Death, the vanquisher of all other victors. In our weakness we see death and a tomb; in the gift of faith and truth, we see glory and life eternal, not just as empty words, but the Word, Reason for all things, who greets us in the flesh: I have arisen.
Christ is Risen!
Fr. Elijah Mueller, 2015
Thank you! to all who have helped with singing, hosting, cooking, baking and sewing. Thank you to all who have come so faithfully. May all your work be accepted as a right offering, so that God might give you a true taste of the joy of the “day which the Lord has made,” so that your hearts might be filled with the warmth of Christ’s life-giving presence.