Orthodox Mission – Hyde Park, Chicago

St. Makarios the Great

St. Makarios & the Great CherubOur patron saint is Makarios the Great, also known as Makarios the Egyptian. St. Makarios is a great and wise teacher of the spiritual life who lived in the 4th century, and has been considered a powerful heavenly intercessor throughout the ages. He taught by holy example and especially emphasized the transformative power of meditation on the divine name of Jesus Christ, which causes the heart to be enriched and fruitful with divine grace.

The icon on the right shows St. Makarios with the cherubim, who, according to legend, appeared to him, “weighed his heart,” and told him that the monastery he had founded in Sketis or Shihet (meaning “weight of heart” in the Egyptian language; still in existence today, at Wadi Natrun, Egypt) would be a blessed inheritance. We ask that St. Makarios pray to God that we also be blessed with the power of the name of Christ and the work of the Spirit so that our parish, neighborhood, and city are transformed by the weight of our hearts’ grace-filled love for God and our neighbor.

In Christ,

Fr. Elijah Mueller